OOPS® Coverage

Protect Your Customers and Your Budget

It’s difficult to account for every likely scenario.  We created Obstruction Of Premises Supplemental coverage, or OOPS®, a complimentary endorsement added to select policies. With OOPS® coverage, you can protect your budget against out-of-pocket expenses. Most importantly, OOPS® can help save your reputation and uphold the customer satisfaction that you’ve worked so hard to build.


Benefits of OOPS® Coverage:

Beyond the normal coverage of our already comprehensive General Liability policy, the OOPS® endorsement provides peace of mind – for you and your clients.

Pays up to $5,000 in eligible customer living expenses, or fair rental value, when a mistake is made during the course of operations, which renders your client’s home uninhabitable

Available if you report an eligible loss within 30 days with documentation of property damage