Music Mends®

A Performance for Solidarity

In the unsettling instance a concert is impacted by a terrorist act, all of society is affected—including the performers on stage. Such an uncontrollable situation brings fear and uncertainty to the entire community, so we want to do everything we can to help restore a sense of normalcy. This includes providing support to our performers, so they can get back to doing what they do best: using their music to mend the community.

Who’s it for?

Touring musicians and artists who hold concerts with live audiences.

Why would you use it?

While terrorism insurance has been available to performing acts for some time, it is generally too expensive for small acts to afford. Music Mends® is the first coverage that allows all touring entertainers—no matter how large or small—to have access to this unique policy extension. With Music Mends®, touring entertainers will receive financial assistance to reschedule terrorist-impacted shows in the communities where their original performances had been scheduled. Coverage includes:

  • $100,000 event rescheduling
  • $25,000 event cancellation fixed and unrecoverable charge
  • $25,000 public relations and image restoration
  • $25,000 psychological counseling

How do you get it?

Because we’re invested in the safety of our touring entertainer customers, we include Music Mends® in their existing property policy at no additional fee. This one-of-a-kind endorsement applies to concerts that are directly affected by terrorist attacks and rescheduled within 10 days of such an incident. Our policy also ensures that performing acts can reschedule their shows at venues within 100 miles, and within 90 days, of the attack.

Banding Together with Music Mends℠

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