ID Scanner

Identify Trouble on the Guest List

When you’re throwing a live event or VIP party, security begins at the front door. With the right tools and technology, your security team can identify unwanted patrons before they enter your venue and cause potential legal hassles. Through access to discounted ID Scanners, ProSight helps you minimize risk, boost operations, and cultivate the right clientele.

Who’s it for?

Live event promoters and venues where people congregate for entertainment.

Why would you use it?

ID Scanners easily detect fake, underage, tampered, or shared IDs from all fifty states and many international countries. Additional capabilities include:

  • Identify banned or watch list patrons in seconds
  • Allows establishments to photograph and record a photo of each entrant
  • Timestamps each entry for aid in adjudicating chargebacks and other disputes
  • Verify the promoter guest list to ensure benchmarks
  • Print VIP Cards, wristbands, birthday announcements, coupons, and more
  • Captures key demographic information (e.g., age, gender, geographic location, email, phone number, frequency of visits) that can aid in marketing and promotional efforts
  • Expedites discretion at the door and helps ensure the best experience inside

How do you get it?

ProSight customers get 25% off a new ID Scanner and 33% off the monthly fee through IDetect, industry leader in ID Scanners. IDetect offers the fastest scans, the largest database (more than 5,000 venues), and the capacity to verify thousands of unique forms of identification.

ID Scanners and all related software are provided by IDetect, Inc. (IDetect). IDetect’s products and services are not insurance products. ProSight and its subsidiaries and affiliates are not a party to any contract between the insured and IDetect. ProSight does not guarantee the performance of any product or service IDetect provides. Insureds are fully responsible to comply will all local, state, and federal laws regarding the scanning of people’s identification, storing, and using any of the information collected by the scanner or software. ProSight strongly recommends consulting with legal counsel regarding the scanning and collection of personal information.