ID Scanner

The Front Line of Defense for a Nightlife Establishment Is Right at the Front Door

With the right tools, your security team can identify unwanted patrons who can create legal hassles for your business. Why not prevent a problem before it walks through the door? We believe in using the latest technology to empower our customers to minimize risk and boost operations. You have exclusive access to discounted ID scanners that can help you cultivate the right clientele for your venue.


ID PLEASE – What’s in and ID Scanner?

They easily detect fake, underage, tampered or shared IDs from all 50 states and many international countries

Scanners identify banned or watch list patrons in seconds

Allows establishments to photograph and record a photo of each entrant

Timestamp each entry for aid in adjudicating chargebacks and other disputes

ID Scanners are simply the best tool for both expediting discretion at the door and ensuring the best experience inside


Get 25% off a New ID Scanner

Take 33% off the monthly fee


It’s a Marketing Tool Too

In addition to safety and security, the ID Scanner captures advanced demographic information that can immeasurably aid your marketing efforts. You’ll glean key insights into the age, gender, geographic location and frequency of your customers’ visits so you can precisely target communications to be their most effective.

Here’s a Sampling of What You Can Do

Verify the promoter guest list to ensure benchmarks

Print VIP Cards, wristbands, birthday announcements, coupons and more

Capture email addresses and phone numbers for email blasts and mobile text message campaigns

Arm yourself with ProSight coverage and we’ll arm your team with tools to bring your establishment to the next level

Our Focus

We’ve partnered with IDetect –  the industry leader in nightclub ID Scanners. IDetect offers the fastest scans, the largest client database (more than 5,000 venues) and an unparalleled capacity to verify thousands of unique forms of identification.