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All-in-One Legal and Risk Expertise

Sometimes picking up the phone to talk through a conflict is all you need to minimize your risk and clear your mind when wearing your attorney hat. Having immediate access to top tier lawyers and liability experts who understand the risks and types of claims you face is invaluable, so we’ve teamed up with The Harmonie Group® to provide the extra support you need to help keep your firm protected.

Who’s it for?

Private practice law firms with six or more attorneys.

Why would you use it?

With over twenty years of legal expertise and idea sharing, The Harmonie Group offers guidance in the following areas of law firm relations:

  • Ongoing practical tips to ensure best practices are in force when managing law firms.
  • Steps that can be taken when dealing with difficult clients to mitigate adverse developments that could give rise to a claim.
  • Guidance regarding contract language to utilize when engaging a client.
  • Recent developments in the practice of alternative fee arrangements.

How do you get it?

The Harmonie Hotline and Network is available to all customers insured through the ProSight Lawyers niche.
To request access to Harmonie’s legal malpractice defense directory, call their 24-hour hotline at 1.877.247.3659.

About The Harmonie Group:
The Harmonie Group was founded in 1993 at the Harmonie Club in New York City, when several experienced members of the defense bar met to discuss forming a national network of high quality law firms with the proven ability to serve the special needs of the risk industry. They believed then, as they do now, that clients and attorneys benefit from a better understanding of the unique circumstances and concerns facing each other. The members at the initial meeting wanted to create an organization where members would be encouraged to introduce their clients to other members, promote an exchange of ideas between clients and lawyers, and have frank discussions concerning the lawyer/client relationship.

Save Our Number

The Harmonie Hotline and Network of attorneys are available to all ProSight customers in the Lawyers program.

To request access to the legal malpractice defense directory of Harmonie: Call 1 -877-247-3659 (24 Hour Hotline)

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