Keep Your Fleet on the Move with a Bundle of Innovative Extras

The transportation industry is filled with detours at every turn. Advanced technology features can malfunction, communication systems can get damaged, and DOT inspections must be passed.

That’s why we took extra coverages and packaged them into FleetComplete—a comprehensive package that helps protect against these unforeseen road blocks. When you add FleetComplete to your policy, you’ll round out your insurance coverage for even more peace of mind.


Who’s it for?

Charter bus, sightseeing, and tour bus companies; school bus operators; and trucking companies with tractor-trailer fleets of 10+ units.

Why would you use it?

Here are some scenarios that could be relevant to your business*:

  • Driver-Assisted Technology Coverage: You purchase a new vehicle for your fleet with Active Driver Assist or a similar technology. Unfortunately, the automatic braking doesn’t deploy when your driver is cut off, resulting in a 3-way accident. Since malfunction of the driver-assist technology caused the accident, ProSight assumes liability.
  • Compliance Audit Readiness Expense (CARE): DOT inspection is coming up, and you just added a few vehicles to your fleet and got one out of the shop. With CARE, you can hire a consultant to help prepare your fleet to pass inspection. ProSight will assume the consultant cost if you maintain a satisfactory rating.
  • Family Emergency Travel (FET): A driver gets into a collision 750 miles away and receives care at the closest hospital. Being so far away from home will make recovery tough for the driver, so we’ll help cover the travel costs to bring his family to him. (Not applicable for Intermodal)
  • Satellite/Communication System Coverage: An insured vehicle’s after-market GPS is stolen while the driver is at a rest stop. No worries, we’ll cover the cost to replace it after a $250 deductible per loss.

How do you get it?

Since each FleetComplete protection offers an important safety element in today’s driving landscape, we made it available as a no or low-cost add on to your policy. It’s just another way ProSight helps keeps your business thriving.

*The facts and outcomes of the claim scenarios described herein are offered only as examples. Whether or to what extent a loss is covered depends on the actual facts and circumstances of each claim and terms, conditions, and exclusions of the applicable policy.