In-House Risk Management

Keep Safety on the Set List

For entertainment professionals involved with putting on concerts, sporting events, or other live performances, risk comes with the territory. It’s important to assess your exposures—and make potential adjustments—even before the camera starts to roll. How? Through the help of In-House Risk Managers who can provide customized consultations designed to help reduce risk and improve overall safety.

Who’s it for?

Professionals who are in the business of staging, rigging, participating in, or otherwise involved with putting on a production, sporting event, or other live performance.

Why would you use it?

In-House Risk Management is a service that gives customers access to In-House Risk Managers for consultations on ways to reduce the risks associated with live events. Leveraging over thirty years of experience and top certifications in entertainment risk management, we partner with our customers to decrease the chances of a claim. Whether it’s helping provide best practices, working alongside other risk management on staff, or going on set for an active assessment, we’re ready to help our customers not only cover risks, but also prevent them.

How do you get it?

Because risks abound in any type of live event, we provide all qualified media and sports accounts with access to In-House Risk Management.