Equipment Rental Coverage

Drilling Down to Your Needs

Protecting you for covered losses on damaged or stolen equipment whether a written rental agreement exists with your rental customer or not. It’s forward-thinking coverage that provides an added layer of protection and accounts for gaps associated with contingency coverage. We offer Primary Coverage on equipment that you rent to others through our Equipment Sales and Rental Coverage.


Forget Contingency Coverage – Primary PAYS

Contingency ONLY pays if you are unable to collect the full value of your equipment from your customer or their insurer and ONLY applies if you have a written rental agreement that requires the customer to insure the rented equipment.

Primary PAYS covered losses regardless of whether your customer has insurance or is able to pay for the damaged or lost equipment

Primary PAYS covered losses immediately, without having to exhaust other means of recovering the value of your loss


What’s in it for you?

Our Equipment Sales and Rental Coverage insures equipment intended for sale, lease or rent and equipment owned by others that you are repairing or servicing, as well as parts, accessories, fluid, lubrication supplies and tires. And, since this is primary coverage, benefit resolution time is decreased. Not to mention, coverage also spans:

Debris removal
Emergency removal
Emergency removal expenses
Equipment in transit
Equipment on exhibition
Equipment sent off premises for repairs
Newly acquired premises
Off-premises trial period
Pollutant cleanup and removal
Sewer backup


Add coverage. Add up the benefits.

You can purchase insurance protection for one, several or all of the property items listed below through a single endorsement, with the ability to customize limits.

Accounts receivable
Business personal property
Tools belonging to you and your employees
Fuel supply (gasoline, diesel, and LP gas)
Mobile equipment used to operate your business, such as maintenance equipment, mobile generators and elevated work platforms
Valuable papers