Entertaining Safety

Your Go-to Guide for Technical Safety

When your job takes you up in the rafters or to the edge of the stage, risk is part of your life. Entertainment technology experts like you need Entertaining Safety, the essential reference book from ESTA and ProSight that culls together decades of insider entertainment knowledge and specialized insurance and risk management guidance. Consider it your one-stop resource to help protect your business—and, ultimately, your livelihood.

Who’s it for?

Entertainment technology professionals, including lighting, staging, and rigging companies.

Why would you use it?

The simple, straightforward information in Entertaining Safety helps teach you how to best protect your business and maintain a safe work environment in your facility, in transit, or on the job site.

  • Get insights into the insurance buying process by understanding what carriers want, what to insure, policy types that apply to your business, coverage limitations and exclusions.
  • Further your knowledge with external links to the Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • Understand the difference between adhering to legal standards and your liability.
  • Devise and implement a comprehensive risk assessment and planning process—specifically using W. Edwards Deming’s Plan, Do, Check, Act methodology.
  • Know what to do when disaster strikes, such as when to call 911, who to call next, how to work with claims personnel, what not to do during an investigation, what necessary information to collect, and how to cope with the aftermath, including how to prepare for lawsuits.

How do you get it?

We’re passionate about promoting technical standards and public safety in the entertainment technology industry, so we’ve made Entertaining Safety available for download here. Our alliance with ESTA has resulted in many initiatives designed to support lighting, rigging, and staging companies around the world.

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