Driver Assisted Technology

Backup Safety Support for Your Business

During a fuel delivery run or site visit, automated vehicle features* like cruise control and automatic braking are great for your drivers—until they’re not. Sometimes a defect or malfunction to the vehicle’s integrated system can lead to an accident through no fault of the driver. In terms of bodily injury, property damage, and vehicular loss, the results could be devastating to your company. Driver Assisted Technology Coverage supports you in getting back on course if your vehicle automation fails you.


Who’s it for?

Small to medium-sized onshore oil and gas contractors—including roustabout and wireline—and propane and fuel oil delivery dealers and distributors.


Why would you use it?

Your fuel truck is heading for its drop-off location when the cruise control malfunctions, causing the truck to skid into the middle divider and hit another car, injuring its driver. We’ll help with the property damage, bodily injury, and collision costs that are paid out.

While on a site visit, your contractor employs the automatic parking feature on his company car. The vehicle suddenly lurches forward and knocks into a rigging support. We’ll help pay for the damage incurred.

The automatic braking feature on your repair truck doesn’t kick in, and the vehicle backs into a pedestrian. We’ll help cover the medical costs incurred.


How do you get it?

Driver Assisted Technology Coverage is an automatic enhancement we add to your auto policy at no extra cost. It’s just one of the ways we help safeguard your business.


*“Vehicle automation” means any of the vehicle automation levels as defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
The facts and outcomes of the claim scenarios described herein are offered only as examples. Whether or to what extent a loss is covered depends on the actual facts and circumstances of each claim and terms, conditions, and exclusions of the applicable policy.