Data Compromise

Manage the Fallout

We know that your business reputation hinges on the proper management of digital data. In fact, we’ve thought long and hard about what we can do to help when theft, loss or the mistaken release of personal data occurs.

We created our Data Compromise Coverage to help you manage the fallout and comply with legal notifications when your data has been compromised. This tailored coverage includes a suite of services that can help expedite effective response in the event of a data breach.


Action Speaks Volumes

In the event of a loss, Data Compromise Coverage kicks in with the following support:

Notification to affected individuals
Services to affected individuals, including credit monitoring and identity restoration case management
Forensic and legal analysis of the breach
Public relations services
You also have complimentary access to eRisk Hub® Management Portal – our online data breach portal. This risk management tool can help you develop privacy and gain knowledge on cyber risk practices, while also providing an effective data breach response plan for your company in advance of a crisis.


The Added Value of Identity Recovery

Identity Recovery Coverage for key individuals in your firm is also provided alongside ProSight’s Data Compromise Coverage. This product provides a combination of valuable support services as well as expense reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs associated with identity theft and fraud response, including:

Legal, mailing and notary filing fees from the credit bureau report
Lost wages
Toll-free helpline
Case management support