CURA by ProSight™

Manage care. Manage costs.

Catastrophic injuries often require multiple healthcare facilities and providers, as well as long-term pharmaceutical therapy and medical equipment. This care can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. That’s where CURA by ProSight™ steps in to help.

CURA by ProSight™ is a fully integrated administrative infrastructure that provides efficient managed care for serious and costly claims – helping to alleviate financial burden for employers like you.


Manage Care. Manage Costs.

CURA by ProSight™

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CURA Defined

CURA is derived from the Latin terms for “care” and “attention” because we make it our priority to provide only the highest level of service, care and attention so that your employees can find comfort in difficult circumstances.


Benefiting from CURA by ProSight™

Immediate attention. We are notified of a claim, at which time coverage and severity are verified.

Nurse assessment. A nurse case manager is assigned to visit the medical facility and evaluate the injured worker.

Medical evaluation. The medical director will complete an initial medical evaluation.

Pricing costs. We will price out costs of care based upon medical evaluations.

Medical planning. CURA by ProSight™ team will develop a medical management plan and provide to the customer’s claim team.

Ongoing monitoring. CURA by ProSight™ team continually monitors case management reports, medical reports and procedures to ensure care is appropriate

Financial and medical stability. When case reaches financial and medical stability, CURA by ProSight™ turns medical management back to customer’s claims team to manage to conclusion.


With CURA by ProSight™, you’re not alone.

Our exclusive benefits span a wide range of services designed to give your employees everything they need, including:

Only the best prices for pharmacy and medical equipment

Access to a network of ProSight’s independent construction companies that are available for home accessibility improvements

Vehicle purchase and modification assistance accessible at dealerships nationwide

Early coverage and investigation support

A lawyer network for complex legal scenarios