Credit Union Fraud Protection

Help Identify Card and Check Fraud Before It Hits Your Bottom Line

Credit Union Fraud Protection is a specialized solution that helps identify card and check fraud before it hits your bottom line. It’s a powerful and proactive two-part offer to help mitigate fraud losses, and features the following products: TrueCards® and TrueChecks®.

The offer works across processors and debit and credit card portfolios for centralized management of at-risk cards. It can also identify high-risk checks, which can include counterfeit checks, non-sufficient funds, checks from closed accounts, check kiting, and duplicate deposits.


The Value of TrueCards® and TrueChecks®

TrueCards® allows you to proactively and holistically monitor your card holders’ transactions for breaches and common points of compromise. So you can plan and act before credit card CAMS alerts are issued. TrueCards® is a custom-configured solution that works across processors, allowing credit unions to manage risk for both credit and debit card portfolios.

TrueChecks® provides tellers with recommended actions based on the fraudulent history of a check or account. Web-based check deployment allows tellers or teller capture integration to run high-risk items against the database at the point of presentment and the system delivers — almost instantaneously — a recommended action for the teller to give funds, place accurate holds, or deny funds.


Proactive Approach: Credit Union Fraud Protection enables credit unions to quickly and easily identify the true point of compromise in a plastic card portfolio and mitigate risks immediately. On the checking front, the solution monitors national and regional industry alerting systems and runs high-risk items against Advanced Fraud Solutions’ TrueChecks® database, providing updates almost instantly.

Collaborative Solution: The solution’s Web-based deployment allows tellers to run high-risk checks against the database when suspicious activities are presented, and provides recommended actions for tellers. For card portfolios, the solution centralizes the management of both credit and debit card portfolios, regardless of the processor used.

Easy Integration: The solution fits seamlessly into existing business processes, giving credit unions the ability to quickly identify points of compromise, better manage their plastic card portfolios, identify compromised cards, and stop high-risk checks.

Self-Service Ordering Steps

  • Go to AFS Register page
  • Enter the Credit Union information and your ProSight policy number to activate your discount
  • An AFS rep will reach out shortly thereafter to discuss the TrueCards® or TrueChecks® Package you wish to purchase
  • For additional support, please call (888) 966-0768


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