Credit Union Fraud Protection

Identify Fraud Before It Hits Your Bottom Line

For credit unions, check and credit card fraud come with the territory, so it’s important to put a proactive plan in place to identify fraud and mitigate risks immediately. Credit Union Fraud Protection fits seamlessly into existing business processes, giving credit unions the ability to quickly pinpoint areas of compromise, manage their plastic card portfolios, identify compromised cards, and stop high-risk checks.


Who’s it for?

Large and small credit unions.

Why would you use it?

Advanced Fraud Solutions, our third-party provider, offers a proactive, two-part product that’s easily integrated into existing business processes: TrueCards® and TrueChecks®.

TrueCards® is a custom-configured solution that works across processors and credit/debit card portfolios for centralized management of at-risk cards. This provides the ability to monitor card holders’ transactions for breaches and common points of compromise, so credit unions can plan and act before CAMS alerts are issued.

TrueChecks® identifies high-risk checks, including counterfeits, non-sufficient funds, checks from closed accounts, check kiting, and duplicate deposits. It monitors national and regional industry alerting systems and runs high-risk items against Advanced Fraud Solutions’ TrueChecks® database, giving updates almost instantly and providing recommended teller actions to either give funds, place accurate holds, or deny funds.

How do you get it?

Just go to the Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS) registration page, then enter your credit union information and ProSight policy number to activate your discount. An AFS rep will reach out shortly to discuss the package you wish to purchase. For additional support, call 1.888.966.0768.

Register with Advanced Fraud Solutions:

  • Go to AFS Register page
  • Enter the Credit Union information and your ProSight policy number to activate your discount
  • An AFS rep will reach out shortly thereafter to discuss the TrueCards® or TrueChecks® Package you wish to purchase
  • For additional support, please call (888) 966-0768


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