Building and Tenant Protection Plus

Protection from the Ground Up

We developed Building and Tenant Protection Plus to provide property professionals with extensive coverage and extra resources to help ensure that your building and tenants are fully supported in the event of a loss—so you can quickly pick up the pieces and return to business as usual.

Who’s it for?

Property owners and managers who are looking for a suite of extra protections for their buildings and businesses.

Why would you use it?

Since property professionals are faced with a myriad of unforeseen liabilities and risks, we’ve combined these coverages into one endorsement to help ensure you’re fully protected, including:

Response Expense
Helps cover expenses incurred from a data compromise, including costs for a forensic IT review to determine the extent of the compromise, costs incurred for legal review and tenant notification, as well as expenses for public relations services to mitigate any impacts on business relationships.

Defense and Liability
Allows ProSight to represent you in any “data compromise suit” against you, resulting from a covered data compromise loss.

Identity Recovery
Provides case management services, as well as assistance with additional expenses incurred as a direct result of the identity theft, including costs associated with credit reports, refiling loan applications, approved attorney costs, and other covered expenses.

Crisis Management
In the event of crisis, this coverage goes to work to help cover a range of expenses—from public relations costs incurred in response to the crisis, to costs related to medical or mental health treatment of individuals affected, to loss of business income should the crisis result in suspension of operations.

Building Extended Replacement Valuation
Provides additional payment in the event of a total loss of property due to a covered peril. When the replacement cost exceeds the building’s schedule limit, ProSight will pay up to 110% of the limit of insurance applicable to the damaged buildings. (Subject to a maximum additional limit of $1,000,000.)

Business Income Waiting Period Amended
If your loss of income exceeds seven days, you won’t be subject to the typical waiting period before your business income loss coverage begins. While you’re dealing with a perilous situation, you can rest easier knowing that you’ll immediately begin to recoup your financial losses with no gap time. (Applies only to specified perils listed in the policy.)

Tenant Evacuation and Relocation Expense
This coverage is designed by ProSight to cover costs for relocating tenants in the event of a civil authority ordering your premises to be evacuated. Whenever loss is covered by your policy and results in necessary evacuation, this bonus coverage will help with relocation costs, including packing, storage, moving, temporary rental expense, and costs to establish utility services at the new location.

Tenant Relocation Rental Expense
Provided in combination with the Tenant Evacuation and Relocation Expense Coverage, this coverage will also contribute to costs that your tenants and lawful occupants incur while renting temporary living quarters following a mandatory evacuation for reasons described above.

How do you get it?

Building and Tenant Protection Plus is an enhancement to your standard policy. By closing gaps in coverage, this endorsement helps address serious exposures, benefitting both your business and tenants.