Ad Counsel

Bridging the Gap

While there’s no commercial production bible, there’s Ad Counsel – the industry’s first comprehensive insurance and risk management guide bringing easy-to-digest resources into your hands. It provides a unique resource that combines our extensive underwriting experience in the media space with insights from the perspective of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers’ (AICP) leadership.

Why Ad Counsel?

Ad Counsel couldn’t come at a better time with producers conducting business in an increasingly complex environment fraught with legal and operational risk. It was created because of a combined effort with AICP to meet the industry’s dire need for a resource that can help fill a knowledge gap in insurance and risk management.

Directors calling for riskier stunts, sophisticated digital technologies and special effects capabilities are creating more potential avenues for intellectual property violation. Plus, the sheer value of the assets involved in a shoot has skyrocketed over the past decade. Under pressure to execute projects in shorter timeframes with fewer resources, producers are hard-pressed to find the time to keep up with the particulars of insuring productions even though the chances of mishap are greater than ever.

We always take a step outside of pure insurance coverage and look for ways to help improve our customers’ business profile. We believe it is our duty to provide more value than just insurance.

Get the Most Out of Ad Counsel

  • Gain a better understating of insurance and risk management challenges encountered by today’s producer
  • Easily identify the types of policies frequently utilized to insure commercial productions, what and how much coverage to buy and when, and the limitations of insurance
  • Negotiate contracts like a pro and implement the industry’s best practices on how to create a safe work environment
  • Proactively mitigate potential legal action, prevent claims, and run your businesses more effectively


We know that insurance and risk management aren’t always top of mind, but in an industry that is advancing every day there are many implications to consider. Let Ad Counsel  be a compass that helps keep you going in the right direction.

Get the Most Out of Ad Counsel

Let Ad Counsel  be a compass that helps keep you going in the right direction.

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