Crane Talk: What to Look for in a Quality Crane Program

Join ProSight for real talk on crane insurance with two experts in the field: Jake Morin, who oversees ProSight’s Crane Program, and Rikki Concannon, Brokerage Services Manager at Ascinsure Specialty Risk (an RPS Signature Programs Company). Listen as Rikki and Jake talk about the dos and don’ts of crane insurance and what retail agents should look for on behalf of their crane clients.

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Key Takeaways


The insurance needs for the crane industry are complex due to geographic location, state requirements, types of cranes, and how those cranes are being used.


Retail agents serving the crane industry should partner with brokers and carriers who are specialists in the space and can provide ease of doing business from coverage to claims.


The hallmarks of a quality crane program include longevity of the program, nationwide coverage options, and expansion capabilities for business growth.

Meet the Experts

Jake Morin  
AVP, Underwriting 

Jake oversees ProSight’s crane, scaffold, construction managers, and luxury home builders programs. He brings with him over twenty years of insurance experience in the construction industry, using his vast knowledge to deliver the types of coverages and risk management solutions that provide value for today’s crane challenges. 


Rikki Concannon  
Brokerage Services Manager   
Ascinsure Specialty Risk
(an RPS Signature Programs Company)

Rikki spearheads new business development for Ascinsure (an RPS Signature Programs Company), tapping into her twenty-plus year insurance career to deliver the expertise and knowledge her brokers can trustWith an eye on providing unmatched serviceshe partners with retail agents to deliver meaningful impact for theicrane insureds. 


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