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HR Coordinator

Morristown, NJ 1/13/2017 As a Human Resources Coordinator, you will be at the center of a dynamic team. You move quickly with the changing environment and are up to date with the latest programs and initiatives…

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Claims Examiner

Morristown, NJ 1/13/2017 ProSight’s fast paced and dynamic Claim Department is looking for a highly motivated Claims Examiner.  The ideal candidate will have a broad background in commercial claims…

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Morristown, NJ 1/11/2017 Looking for a qualified enthusiastic candidate to join our Insurance Operations team to ensure all gross insurance transactions are recorded completely, accurately and timely…

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Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist

Morristown, NJ 1/5/2017 As a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist you will provide guidance, instruction, direction and leadership to the Talent Acquisition process…

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Network Administrator

Morristown 1/5/2017 The Network Administrator’s role is to ensure the stable operation of the in-house computer network. This includes planning, developing, installing, configuring, maintaining…

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Sr. Helpdesk Analyst

Morristown, NJ 1/5/17 This position has frequent contact with employees, Executives, peers, and independent vendors and thereby requires excellent communication skills.

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Morristown, NJ 12/12/16 Let’s face it – the insurance industry is not known for its design leadership. Insurance marketing materials are uninspiring at best and downright ugly at worst. Because most insurance companies…

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Communication Manager/Strategist

Morristown, NJ 12/12/16 We are looking for a multidisciplinary Communication Manager/Strategist as a core part of a creative team to help continue to build and elevate a dynamic brand…

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SQL Developer

Morristown, NJ 12/5/16 We are looking for experienced and motivated candidates who will provide expert level data access, processing, and management services. The SQL Developer role is responsible for designing…

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Property Underwriter

Morristown, NJ New York, NY 11/23/16 The candidate will be responsible for supporting our Builder’s Risk program in our Real Estate Niche.  The position will be focused on underwriting, management…

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Customer Engagement Manager

Morristown, NJ 11/23/16  The individual in this role will be revenue leaning as he /she determines how best to create the value of ProSight in the eyes of the customer through the niches/ programs for which they are assigned…

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Senior Underwriter, Public Auto

Morristown, NYC, Atlanta, or Glendale 11/7/16 We are seeking a dynamic individual that will lead our Public Transportation programs within our Transportation Niche…

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VP Technology

Morristown, NJ 11/11/16 As a key member of the IT senior leadership, the VP of Technology will drive the technological vision and execution. With oversight of all of our AWS cloud infrastructure, networking…

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Director Information Security

Morristown, NJ 11/11/16 The Director, Information Security is responsible for ensuring that ProSight minimizes the risk of security breaches and privacy violations that would do harm to the company’s…

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Senior Underwriter Marine & Energy

New York, NY 10/16/16 We are seeding a lead Underwriter in the Marine and Energy Niche. The candidate will be responsible for leading our development of the Marine portfolio domiciled in our New York City office…

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Intern, Claims

Morristown, NJ 10/17/16 The claims pre-hire will have a valuable role in helping the claims department achieve their goal of providing our customers with a unique, hassle free, highly intellectual, unrivaled level of service…

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Senior Internal Auditor

Morristown, NJ 10/17/16 The Internal Audit team’s focus is to call attention to control risks and drive actions to address those risks to protect our organization. The team partners with business units to identify areas of risk…

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Intern, Actuarial

Morristown, NJ 10/14/16 While the insurance industry is not known for its innovation or differentiated products and services –we are. We are offering an exciting opportunity to entrepreneurial…

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Intern, Underwriting

Morristown, NJ 10/14/16 While the Insurance industry is not known for its innovation or differentiated products and services – we are. We are offering an exciting opportunity to entrepreneurial and ambitious college students…

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Intern, IT

Morristown, NJ 10/14/16 Our IT Department is looking for highly motivated and results driven candidates who combine strategic thinking, creativity, and technical skills to drive results at a fast growing, dynamic company…

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Intern, Finance

Morristown, NJ 10/14/2016 Our Finance Department seeks enthusiastic and ambitious candidates interested in an introduction to the insurance industry and finance. The pre-hire internship program will be…

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Underwriter, Trucking

Atlanta, GA 10/14/2016 We are seeking a dynamic individual that will work closely with the Fleet Trucking/Intermodal Program Underwriters and Underwriter Assistants (“UA”). This key technical role within the team serves as first line…

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Senior Underwriter, Transportation Logistics

Morristown, NYC, Atlanta, and Glendale, 11/10/2016 We are seeking a dynamic individual to manage programs in the logistics segment of our Trucking Niche – Freight Forwarder, Intermodal and Moving/Storage…

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Senior Reinsurance Operations Analyst

Morristown, NJ 10/14/16 The successful candidate will be part of a team that works closely with the Reinsurance Operations Manager to ensure that reinsurance contracts are properly administered and accounted for on an “end-to-end” basis…

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2017 Summer Pre-hire

Morristown, NJ 9/7/16 While the Insurance industry is not known for its innovation or differentiated products and services – We are. We are offering an exciting opportunity to entrepreneurial and ambitious college students who are excited to join a dynamic…

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Duck Creek Program Business Configurator

Morristown, NJ 8/31/16 We are looking for experienced and motivated candidates who combine strategic thinking, creativity, and technical skills to drive results at a fast growing, dynamic company. Our business model focuses on specific customer niches…

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Special Investigations Unit Manager

Morristown, NJ 06/25/2016 Our fast paced and dynamic Claims Department is looking for a highly motivated professional to build our SIU team. We are seeking a highly organized, self-starter who embraces challenge and acts with sense of urgency. Our ideal candidate is a…

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Senior Underwriter Construction

Morristown, NJ 11/17/16 We are currently recruiting for a Senior Underwriter, with experience in multi-line Construction Programs. The Senior Underwriter, Construction will be responsible to ensure the book of business meets growth, profit….

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Our Unique Culture

How ProSight Attracts, Retains & Motivates

Things that are

  • Good Work Environment
  • Great Team of Employees
  • Great Benefits
  • Frequent Communications
  • Training Opportunities
  • Open Door Access To Leaders
  • Accountability and Trust

Things that are

  • Refer A Friend Bonus
  • Performance Based Bonuses
  • Salary Increases
  • Promotions
  • Career Development
  • Performance Ownership Plan
  • Peer Recognition
  • Mountaineer Award

Things that

  • “Winning” In The Marketplace
  • Being Part of An Elite Team
  • Pride In Brand
  • Making A Difference
  • Choosing to be at ProSight
  • Believing We Are Different
  • Recognition of Our Expertise
  • Selling Our Value Proposition
  • Continuing the Climb

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Make the Climb

Do you have the ProSight X-Factor?

That we have an enormous opportunity to differentiate value to our customers, and it all starts with ProSight employees.

Given our specialist approach to the market, ProSight products aren’t for everyone and it’s the same for our employees. We recruit unique people who aren’t just talking about rates going up and down, but making a commitment to actually deliver that unique value—we call this the ProSight X-factor.

We look forward to your journey.

Jim Albrecht


We see insurance differently at ProSight.

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