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ProSight is proud to announce our
relationship with the Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program (AWOIP) to enhance your mission of animal advocacy with expert, customized insurance solutions geared to your needs. Committed to the belief that all animals matter, we use our collective knowledge of animal welfare and the daily exposures you face to become your new best friend. 


I have never had any company go above and beyond as much as AWOIP has for us. They care!

– Judith Ayn Sobel, Program Director, Baja Animal Sanctuary 


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of us have animal companions at home—Ruby, Pepper, and Rosco, to name a few

of us have rescued, fostered, or adopted animals over the years—with more to come

of us are committed to animal welfare as volunteers, activists, and animal care experts


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Important Steps to Ensure Animal and Staff Safety  

AWOIP President and Founder, Brian Barrick, provides three critical steps for improving safety measures at rescue facilities to help maintain a safe environment for volunteers, staff, and the animals in your care. 



1. Domestic Animals

When sheltering domestic animals, understanding body language is key to minimizing risk. It’s essential to train volunteers and staff on how to properly read animal body language—and equally important, how to react to it—to avoid getting hurt. Maddie’s® University provides a great video tutorial that comes highly recommended for your staff. 



2. Equine & Farm

Horses may seem like docile creatures, but their behavior can be unpredictable—so instruct your staff never to back into a corner when working within an enclosed area with them. Periodically inspect fences and gates to make sure they’re in good shape as a weak fence is no match for the strong will of a horse. And, of course, always wear proper safety gear.



3. Large Exotics

Ensure there are proper enclosures, as well as a concrete base beneath those enclosures, to deter escape when sheltering bears, lions, or other large exotic animals. When transporting or handling large exotics, make sure workers always wear steel-cut resistant gloves to help prevent hand injuries.

Animal Welfare Resources to Keep Learning and Growing  

Continuing education for you and your staff is a big part of your organization’s success. Click the links below for some great resources to tap into for training, education, and certification purposes.


Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Programinsurance experts for animal shelters, humane societies, animal sanctuaries and rescue facilities, and animal control officers

Maddie’s® Universitytraining and classes geared toward domestic animal shelter personnel 

The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement—webinars and certification programs for animal rescue professionals  

ASPCA Pro—training, webinars, and online courses on relevant animal rescue topics  

Best Friends Animal Societytraining and lessons for shelters dedicated to domestic and farm animals

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuariesthe only animal sanctuary accreditation program 

American Sanctuary Associationupholds high quality animal care standards and housing requirements


Top 5 Animal Shelter Loss Trends  

The majority of losses in the animal welfare industry occur with domestic animals. It’s important to stay vigilant, take precautions, and educate staff in order to avoid these top insurance claims:


Dog bite to a shelter volunteer 

  Dog bite to a visitor looking to adopt 

  Dog bite to someone attending a public adoption event 

   Dog-on-dog injury when a shelter dog attacks an outside dog while being walked 

   Slips resulting from a wet floor in your animal care facility 

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We have teamed up with PCALIC* and its Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program (AWOIP) for our animal welfare niche.
They have a keen understanding of the challenges facing the industry and are deeply committed to developing insurance solutions that help further the mission of animal advocacy.  

Michelle Pray
ProSight Specialty Insurance
Value Creation Executive
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ProSight Specialty Insurance
Niche Underwriting Manager
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*Personal Care & Assisted Living Insurance Center, LLC (PCALIC) is the parent company of AWOIP.