SecureFleet℠ for School Bus

that combines industry-leading technology and innovative risk management solutions to make your school bus fleet safer, efficient and more profitable

Included with ProSight Specialty Insurance coverage*

Providing Customers with Added Value

ProSight possesses a unique commitment to its school bus customers primarily centered around delivering innovative solutions developed exclusively for ProSight customers. These solutions go beyond traditional insurance services to focus on often unaddressed business needs and provide added customer value.

The latest example of the ProSight customer commitment is SecureFleet℠

SecureFleet℠ combines a patented vehicle data and video event recording system with a comprehensive driver performance program to help school bus owners and safety managers reduce risk, reduce costs and manage school bus fleets better.

  • Can reduce fleet claims and accidents by up to 70%
  • May dramatically reduce maintenance costs from wear and tear
  • Could improve vehicle fuel efficiency by up to 10%
  • Enhance fleet oversight and management
  • Help determine the cause of accidents
  • Achieve greater profitability through potentially SIGNIFICANT savings

When compared to retail pricing for the dash-cam equipment and accompanying service, SecureFleet℠ offers an average savings of over $950 per vehicle in the first year. For a 75 school bus fleet, that’s a total savings of $71,250!

With the SecureFleet℠ program in place, school bus owners can expect to see savings in the first year with even greater returns in the future.

A typical savings scenario for a 75 vehicle school bus fleet is shown below:

If you're interested in a customized savings analysis to better reflect your operation, please contact our partners at All Trans Risk Solutions

1Based on annual direct claim costs of $1,710, a multiple of 2.5x for indirect cost of claims, and 10% and 20% reduction in claims costs in year 1 and ongoing, respectively. Indirect costs include things such as lost time due to injured drivers, management oversight and clerical costs

Based on annual maintenance costs of $5,000 per vehicle and maintenance savings of 4% and 8% in year 1 and ongoing, respectively 

3 Based on annual miles driven of 15,000 per vehicle and 2% and 4% fuel savings in year 1 and ongoing, respectively

4 Based on avg installation costs of $195 in year 1 and an annual $50 connection fee per year


With the introduction of SecureFleet℠ , ProSight’s school bus insurance program is the first and only livery insurance solution from a major insurance company offering a COMPLIMENTARY dash-cam with an integrated risk reduction service.

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