ProSight Specialty Insurance®was founded by insurance industry veterans dedicated to building customer-focused insurance solutions and providing exponential value to coverage with innovative product and service enhancements that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Introducing SecureFleet℠: The latest example of the ProSight customer commitment for its transportation niche

Debuting as the insurance industry’s only fully integrated video event recorder and risk reduction service offered complimentary with ProSight coverage, SecureFleet℠ combines a patented vehicle data and video event recording system with a comprehensive driver coaching program to help fleet owners and safety managers reduce risks, reduce costs and better manage fleets.

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SecureFleet℠ as a Solution

Unlike other discounted telematics or event recorders offered by insurance providers, SecureFleet℠ stands alone as the only partnership between an insurance company and its customers to reduce risk with a complimentary video based safety system and driver coaching service.

When compared to retail pricing for event recording equipment and accompanying service, SecureFleet℠ offers an average savings of over $950 per vehicle in the first year.

SecureFleet is a fully integrated and complimentary solution

By combining industry-leading technology with innovative risk management solutions that include driver performance and coaching programs, SecureFleet℠ helps make ProSight customers safer, efficient and more profitable.

  • Can reduce fleet claims and accidents by up to 70%
  • Could improve vehicle fuel efficiency by up to 10%
  • Enhance fleet oversight and management
  • Help determine the cause of accidents
  • Achieve greater profitability through potentially SIGNIFICANT savings

Now Available

ProSight and SmartDrive® Systems developed SecureFleet℠ to deliver a comprehensive risk reduction program designed specifically for truck, bus and auto fleets with the best protection and customer service the industry has to offer.

SecureFleet℠ is accessible to the Taxi, Charter Bus, School Bus and Trucking transportation segments via ProSight’s exclusive distribution partners.

ProSight’s core business strategy is based on the notion of building exclusive partnerships with quality industry experts to foster success for its customers. ProSight’s partners share the common vision to make a recognizable difference for transportation businesses by providing prompt, reliable, experienced, innovative and competitive services and solutions, specifically designed for this transportation niche. 

Following are ProSight’s exclusive distribution partners for SecureFleet℠, along with more information on each program-specific SecureFleet℠ offering with cost savings analysis

SecureFleet℠ for Taxi – American Business Insurance Solutions

SecureFleet℠ for School Bus – All Trans Risk Solutions

SecureFleet℠ for Charter Bus – KF&B, Inc.

SecureFleet℠ for Trucking