If you are a retail agent appointed with Quaker Special Risk, please read this important notice related to recent disruptions:

ProSight Partners with Select Agents That Share Our Vision

The key to ProSight Specialty’s approach is our unique distribution model. We partner exclusively with a select number of agents who share our vision of delivering value to customers through superior expertise.

By limiting the number of relationships with agents, we focus and commit the necessary resources to develop and sustain programs that deliver profitable results for ProSight and our partners.

Exclusivity Maximizes Value in a Partnership

Our preference for developing exclusive relationships with distribution partners stems from our belief that not all agents are created equal. The value that an agent has established in a particular market segment can only be fully realized when they are partnered with a company that is completely committed to providing superior value to their clients.

In contrast, our competitors seek to maximize the number of sources of distribution, which minimizes value to the client.

You Define Our Opportunity

Most carriers determine classes of business that they are interested in writing and dictate the opportunity to distributors. This inside-out approach to the market is very limiting. We take the opposite approach, because we believe the opportunity is defined foremost by those who are closest to the market.

When evaluating opportunities, we focus on how to make it work, not just why it won’t work. We are also disciplined about how things must be structured for both ProSight and our Partners to be successful for the long term – this applies to pricing, underwriting and compensation.

If you believe you have an opportunity that fits within this vision, please send an executive summary to